Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Best laid plans......

The tribe at dinner: Aaron's sampling of tonights fare.

What a day for the tribe today! Up early to beat the heat, we fueled them up with pancakes and scrambled eggs for a long hard day of climbing in and out of the wineries.

The ride today is gorgeous, miles and miles of vines and amazing, huge wineries. 73.1 miles to be exact. The heat today topped at 103*F. Not any fun to ride in! The tribe was pretty well shot when they got into camp. Thank goodness for a layover day tomorrow.

The new menus that I wrote for the tour got all shot to heck today. I had planned on utilizing a kitchen for some great new entrees to treat the tribe to. The kitchen we had last year was amazing. The one that we got to today was not going to work. The oven didn't work, there was not place to set up except on the black asphalt, no fun in this heat. So, plan B. A shady spot near the tribe with water and a pavilion with a cool breeze!

So, no oven roasted herb chicken with fall root vegetables tonight. We fell back on the old favorite, Greek Lemon Chicken; marinated veggie pasta salad; spiced rice and lentils; steamed asparagus; eggplant & portabello strata; fresh breads from the Model bakery in St. Helena; (A must when you come through the town!); and cappuccino nanaimo bars for dessert. It was a good menu for the heat.

Only one mishap today: Sarah and Lilly crashed while ogling the wineries. No serious injuries, but some pretty good road rash. It was cute to hear Sarah tell Lilly; "you know, when you ran over me it wasn't too bad! You're really light!". Cute.

Tomorrow is a good day for a layover. Walking distance into Calistoga, Joe's planning a wine tour for 10 lucky individuals, a 48 mile optional ride, or just plain hanging out. Sounds good to me!

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